Friday, May 25, 2012

Safety Net Game/Simulation

As my last post for the course, I want to share the fruits of my final project - a free, print-and-play card game designed to teach the basics about online security as it pertains to email, social media, and mobile devices: Safety Net.

Safety Net is a single-player card game pitting the player, armed with a wide array of technological defenses, against a nefarious “Hacker” bent on breaking the player’s security down and making off with valuable, sensitive information. The deck is stacked against you! Will the Hacker win? Or will you be able to protect yourself and your sensitive data by quickly building up an unbreakable Safety Net?

Each card also includes flavor text describing the relevant defensive option or potential threat. This game offers a quick, entertaining way to introduce someone to the basics of online security. Perfect for students, casual computer users, and anyone curious about the risks and defensive options involved in online security. Give it a try, or give a copy to someone you know!

Safety Net Page on BoardGameGeek:

Download link:

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