Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DECISIONS, DECISIONS! A Genetics Role-playing Activity

Role Playing

Sharon Nelson of Waunakee High School in Wisconsin published a role playing scenario she used for her high school students. The scenario is about the "3 P's of science", as Nelson writes; "problem posing, problem solving, and peer persuasion." She briefly discusses the purpose of the role play, and the procedure in which to do it.
In the procedure she says "students will be assigned to work in groups of 2-5, at the instructor's discretion. Students will then choose a scenario for role playing. Their job is to research any and all information pertinent to their situation. Students may divide the roles in any way they see fit (one may choose to assume the role of parent, another the role of doctor, etc.) Once they have the necessary information, they must make some decisions regarding their situation, based on the bioethical issues involved. In addition to a 5-10 minute oral presentation, students must, with their group members, turn in one written report."

She then lists the possible scenarios the students can choose from. All the scenarios are relatively short and to the point. An example of one is...
You have hemophilia; you and your spouse would like to have children. You are referred to a genetic counselor.
Income: You just lost your job due to missing so many days of work for hospital stays. Wife's income as teacher's aide: $18,000.
Insurance: none

Very lengthy on preparation


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