Monday, April 12, 2010

Tsunami Satellite Image Analysis Reveals Dramatic Water Quality Changes

Satellite Imagery Analysis

An article in XPress Press, via Applied Analysis Inc. describes how Satellite Imagery Analysis was used to determine water quality levels after the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka and India. Applied Analysis Inc., an American company, used satellite imagery analysis processes originally designed for military use, to determine the clarity of the water. Applied Analysis Inc. used the IKONOS imagery software for their analysis, and believes that the technology they used will be able to better identify other problems with water supplies in the near future.

  • Can be used on multiple types of problems/issues.
  • Continually upgraded technology.
  • Has relatively clear data that is visible.
  • None noted.



  1. Was this method being used as reactionary to those two Tsunamis or is this tool trying to be used as a preventative tool to help predict where future Tsunamis may form? or identify potential high risk areas?

  2. I think its interesting that they are trying to determine the water clarity (and maybe even cleanliness?) by using satellite imagery. However, I feel that it is a MUCH more expensive way of determining water clarity than by simply testing the water. Were there any other reasons given as to why researchers would use IKONOS imagery over the traditional methods of testing the water?

  3. While expensive to develop infrastructure needed for remote sensing technologies,many entities successfully using the systems don't possess their own infrastructure. These groups are often utilizing systems commercial systems, or sharing infrastructure with other agencies. This greatly reduces their costs.

  4. This seems like a very interesting way to look at environmental issues on a large scale, but I do wonder what they are comparing these images to? That is, did they use satellite imagery to determine water quality levels BEFORE the tsunami? I'm assuming the quality of the water decreased afterward, but if analysts were to rely solely on this technique, they would need images of the area before the tsunami as well to make any meaningful estimates in my opinion.

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