Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Validation of SPOT-5 Satellite Imagery for Geological hazard Identification

This study was developed to determine whether SPOT-5 satellite imagery could be used to develop geographic hazard maps for areas lacking available resource. The study took place in Nicaragua, and compared SPOT-5 analysis with newly created threat maps, and additional geographic monitoring. Maps were created using SPOT-5 imagery for hazard inventory, hazard susceptibility, and vulnerability mapping. The study concluded that SPOT-5 imagery could be used to effectively develop geographic hazard maps. The system was however limited by the level analysis needed to create the hazard maps.
Satellite imagery was capable of providing necessary data in remote areas that lack accurate geographic maps. Additionally it allowed for direct GIS system and an ability to gather data despite poor weather conditions.
Despite the SPOT-5 test success, the full process of creating the maps required large amounts of additional analysis. The system was also unable to easily identify certain features needed for hazard mapping, which could lead to possible issues without additional support from standard measurement systems


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