Friday, April 16, 2010

Prioritization Process Using Delphi Technique

In a white paper, Alan Cline who is a member of Carolla Development, Inc. gives some insights on how to prioritize using Delphi technique.

Background and Motivation

Delphi technique was developed in 1960s as as forecasting methodology. Later, the U.S. government enhanced it as a group decision making tool. Delphi is particularly appropriate when decision-making is required in a political or emotional environment. The tool works formally or informally, in large or small contexts. For example: Taiwan used the method to prioritize their entire Information Technology industry.

Delphi Prioritization Procedure

1- Pick a facilitation leader: The facilitator is an expert in research data collection, and is not a stakeholder.

2- Select a panel of experts: The panelist should have an intimate knowledge of the projects.

3- Identify a straw man criteria list from the panel: Brainstorm a list of criteria that are appropriate to the projects.

4- The panel ranks the criteria: The panel ranks from 1(very important) to 3 (not important). The ranking should be done individually and anonymously.

5- Calculate the mean and deviation

6- Re rank the criteria

7- Identify project constrains and preference: Constrains could be budget or mandatory regulations.

8- Rank project by constrain and preference

9- Analyze the result and feedback to panel

10- Re rank the project until it is stabilized

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